Description of massage techniques offered

Relaxing massage, “Tři Věžičky”

The Tři Věžičky massage is built the “backbone” of the sports massage. Its magic rests in the elegant combination of individual massage touches with music, creating a kind of “concert” on the body, and leading to the client’s perfect relaxation. The power of the experience can also by multiplied by making it a four-hand massage, where the Tři Věžičky massage is performed by two masseurs simultaneously massaging in a synchronized rhythm. This is an original massage prepared exclusively for this hotel.

The Businessman’s and Manager’s Massage (Management massage)

Like “Tři věžičky”, this is a great massage enriched with a brief facial massage, and massage of the hair and neck. It consists of a very pleasant technique, releasing tension throughout the body, relieving pain in the head and neck.

Sport Massage (A sports massage for the bowling sportsman)

This massage is specially-geared to sports-oriented people, who enjoy a deeper muscle massage. It focuses on removing muscle tension and waste materials created in the muscles during sports activities, and concludes with a passive exercising of the joints in the upper and lower limbs.

Facial and neckline massage (Butterfly Touches)

This is a very gently and pleasant procedure acting on the muscle tissue in the face and neckline. In these places, the muscles tend to weaken with age and fine wrinkles appear on the forehead, around the mouth, the eyes, and the neckline. Here, systematic massage strokes such as smoothing, kneading, and gradual pressure on the soft tissues of the face, neck, chest and shoulders, are used to provide pleasant relaxation. Treatment around the eyes and on the forehead often helps prevent and get rid of headaches.

This massage creates better blood circulation in the massaged areas, increases the elasticity of muscle and skin, soothes the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, relaxes the tension of mimic muscles and increases the elasticity of the skin so that after this massage you not only feel better, but you look great!

Hawaiian Massage (Lomi lomi)

As its name indicates, this massage comes from the Hawaiian Islands. This is a beautiful massage, where massaging of both forearms (Lomi Lomi) is applied simultaneously. It is a kind of “dance around the client, where the effect of the massage is enhanced by the effects of a fragrant oil specially prepared for this massage and hypnotic relaxation music.
It is a very pleasant and relaxing technique, where clients are recommended to turn-off everything around them and let themselves be carried off to the South Pacific in their thoughts.

Hot Stones massage

This is a massage that has been created in various versions around the world. Depending on where it evolved, so did its various styles and techniques. In our version, we take advantage of the heat of stones warmed in a hot water bath, and special massage touches based on Hawaiian massage techniques. The lava stones we use are hand-worked from Garbo rock that is an excellent conductor of heat. By connecting these elements, where the massage is performed not only with rocks, fingers and palms, but also with the forearms, you will be provided with a perfectly relaxing massage that you will long to repeat many times…

Lymphatic massage (Healthy and Beautiful)

A prerequisite for one’s health is the proper functioning of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage helps normalize and maintain a balanced relationship of dynamic flow between the blood and the lymph system and tissues. Disorders in the lymph or venous system + little active muscular drainage, result in functional and aesthetic changes of the skin, sub cutis, and of other organs. Lymph drainage relieves the lymph system while helping to regenerate the body. A properly functioning lymphatic system is a prerequisite not only for improving the appearance of the skin and the sub cutis, but also, in particular, for strengthening the body’s ability to defend itself.

Chocolate Massage (Chocolate Temptation)

This is an exclusive body procedure, which acts on all your senses. This is one of the most relaxing and sensual massages. This procedure is great not only for smoothing wrinkles and making your skin even more beautiful, but also to put you in a good mood, wash toxic substances out of your body and, last but not least, to also relax stiff muscles. The fragrance of chocolate will stay with you throughout your day.

The method of application – the treatment begins with peeling, then application of warm chocolate with almond oil, followed by a massage and wrap of the treated areas. After removing chocolate with warm water, your experience will be further enhanced by a massage using chocolate oil.

The massage is not suitable for clients who are allergic to chocolate.


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